Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Living Room

I went on a rampage today. The kids got out of school early, so as soon as I picked them up we ran about 528 places to find some things for the living room. After way too many trips to multiple fabric stores, I finally narrowed it down. Since trying to do this room on a budget, I knew I would have to find ways to cut costs. I've had this swatch of fabric from Ballard Designs that I love and haven't been able to find the same color anywhere, but it would be a small fortune to spend the $30/yard that they were asking. So my first stop was to Home Depot for some canvas drop cloths. I've seen a few different bloggers reupholster with drop cloths and thought it the perfect solution- it's the exact color I want and I only spent $60 for all the fabric I'll need.

I'll be using it to cover these chairs:

Although mine have more curves, I'm hoping with a bit of nailhead trim they'll have a similar feeling to this chair:
And since I don't have a clue about reupholstering myself, my mom and are taking a little trip to the Florence prison next week. Supposedly it's the cheapest way to go and they do an excellent job. I'll let you know. :)

I made a stop at Mesa Sales to pick up a couple yards of this fabric for another chair that Candice so kindly let me use for the space as she doesn't have a spot for it in her house.

For the dining area, I want slipcovers like this for the parsons chairs, probably in white twill- durable and washable. I'm still searching for the best price on fabric.

A chandelier similar to this would be beautiful above those chairs, don't you think? I'll have to find a cheaper version than this one for $950.

After fabric, I headed to Cost Plus World Market for some curtains. I looked online where I thought Potterybarn had the best deal- white cotton voile tie-top panels for $25.99 each. I need 6, so I didn't think $155 was too bad. Then I did a search for other cotton voile curtains and Cost Plus popped up. A set of 2 for $24.99? Done.

Last, but not least, a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for a lavender branch to put in my glass bottle from Architectural Salvage. I think it'll look great on the new mantle. And so it begins.


Hillary said...

oooo... can't wait to see the finished project!

Lindsey said...

I thought you were taking the chairs today? what happened? Love it all though!!

cammac said...

you crack me up! Can't wait to see your final projects!

The Barr Family said...

You need to go to Sas Fabrics.
1700 E Apache Boulevard
Tempe, AZ 85281.
Bring Jeanie over to play with Shelby so you can go free to florence and to sas.

Amanda B. said...

Did I read that right...Florence prison for upholstery??? Who'da thought! I love all of your ideas! Can't wait to see everything put together.

Heather said...

All I have to say is Florence Prison? You've got to be kidding me. I'm glad our tax paying dollars are going to good use for you Mare. :) Ha ha...

Bev said...

You go girl!!