Thursday, September 09, 2010

Before and After: Kitchen/Family Room Wall

I like the open floor plan in our home, but I feel like there's not a ton of wall space because of that. I've been wanting to make the most of this wall between the family room and kitchen. I've had it a few different ways, but haven't been really happy with any of them. I don't have before pictures, but just imagine this painting hanging on the wall. It has beautiful colors, and I've loved it, but it's huge and I thought I could make better use of the space.

I've always envisioned shelving similar to these:

Here's my version:

I think this will stay a while. :)


Bev said...

Love it!! You are amazing!

Nelson6 said...

Yes I love it too and I am thrilled to be the lucky person who got the painting!! Looks great Mare!!!