Friday, June 12, 2009

Before and After- Chairs

My $5 rummage sale chair before:

And after! I copied the look after a chair I saw in Country Living magazine. The original was slipcovered in linen, but I went with twill to cut costs and I'm so happy with it!

My e-bay chairs that were once this:

Now look like this:

I knew I wanted pink velvet, but could not for the life of me find the right shade anywhere! I didn't think it would be so difficult, but after months of searching, I found some online and it was perfect. My bedroom is on its way to completion!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Right after we got back from San Diego, we headed over to Oklahoma to spend time with some of Derek's family. His sister bought a pig farm about a year ago - she lives on 140 acres with about 350 pigs, 6 horses, 7 goats, 24 chickens, 4 dogs, and 3 cats. The kids were in heaven! The week flew by and we packed alot in! We went fishing, horseback riding, rode quads, went shopping, got pedicures, saw Night at the Museum 2, played at the park,and went to 2 rodeos. I even tried catfish and I'll have to admit it was pretty good (and I HATE seafood).

Most of our drive to Oklahoma was what used to be Route 66. I thought that was cool.

The biggest cross on the Western Hemisphere- it was in Texas, of course.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

San Diego

Our first vacation of the summer was a trip to San Diego. We went to Sea World, the Zoo, of course the beach, and enjoyed yummy food from Hodad's (the BEST hamburgers, fries, and chocolate malts), Fillipi's Pizza Grotto, and Ghirardelli's. It was a quick trip, but we had so much fun!