Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Janie Jane

My little Janie turned 4 on Sunday- where does the time go? She has grown up so fast. You can tell she's the baby in the family- she gets her way most of the time and she'll do whatever it takes to get it. She is always cracking us up with her faces and the things she says. Her hair is finally getting some length (hallelujah!) and she's excited for the day that I can put it in a braid or curl it. Today was her first day of preschool and she couldn't have been more excited. Every day for the last month she would ask "Am I 4 yet? Do I get to go to school yet?" and today I was able to say YES to both! I love you Janie girl!


Kelli said...

Her hair is getting long! I love the cute little curl around her ears. I cannot believe that she is 4. Where have the years gone??

The Barr Family said...

Happy B-day Janie!!!!!!
It is time for a new baby.

Briann said...

what a cutie! She looks just like you Maren!