Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Did any of you get the latest Restoration Hardware catalog? I've been drooling over most of the rooms, but especially the home office ideas. Derek says he likes his office the way it is, but he should know better- nothing around here stays the same for too long. :) I should probably hold off until the other make-overs are complete though. Speaking of which, the living room/dining room that once looked like this,

now looks like this:
I hope I don't regret it!


Bev said...

I love your new look, but I love your old look, too. I think I just love every single thing you touch!!

Melis said...

Did you get the Restoration Hardware catalog for kids? I have FINALLY got inspiration for Reed's room (he's 5, lol)! Yay! I am way loving their catalogs!! Well done, RH, well done!!!

And your home is beautiful!!!!

Maren said...

I haven't gotten the kids catalog in a while; thanks for the reminder! You guys are so nice!

Hillary said...

Love your new look! Everything you do is amazing though. no regrets!

Jami said...

Hi maren. I came to your sale, and looked at your chairs. Do you still have them? Email me