Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Clay!

Clay is 3 today. Unfortunately we haven't done any celebrating because he woke up at 5:00 am with an ear infection and the pukes. At least he already had a party! Some things about Clay:

He often goes by Clayton, Claybud, Claybub, Clayclay and Clayboy

He has a very large gap between his 2 front teeth (although I don't have any pictures of that because he will not smile for the camera)

He loves ANYTHING Buzz Lightyear (and lately Spiderman)

He has a really cute, deep voice

He loves to play dress up with the girls ( I think Uncle Parker helped him with that)

He has to have his white blankie when sucking his 2 middle fingers (probably time to start breaking that habit)

He's the sweetest, nicest kid around and I couldn't have asked for a better boy! Love you Clay!


Kelli said...

Clay boy is the cutest! Sad that he was sick on his birthday, but good planning by you to have already had his party.

On a completely different note...THANK YOU so so so much for my AWESOME present! I opened it this morning and I love it! Thanks!

Leah Martineau said...

Hey Maren, I was blog stalking and had to leave a comment because Clay and Ryker are so much alike. Ryker has a big gap in his teeth and LOVES Buzz Lightyear to, his nana went to the Disney store and bought him everything that was Buzz =) We totally have to get these boys together sometime =) So maybe I will tag-a-long with you and Candice.

Shelly said...

Poor kid...but mostly poor mom who gets to take care of two sick kids. Hope they are feeling better now. I will ask Eddie what we are doing for the 4th, what are you guys up to? Sorry we didn't get to go out on Sat. we need to rescedule! Talk to you soon.

Emma said...

I love Clayton for all those reasons, but especially for his deep voice. It is SO cute, I never get over it. Glad no one is barfing at your house anymo. Hope you are enjoying 50 Cent Froggie to the fullest!

Candice said...

Yeah- the Emma comment was actually me. Eeps.

jewly said...

That is sad that he was sick on his birthday. It looks like his party was a blast and he was able to enjoy it before he got sick. Happy Birthday Clay.

Bryan & Lynz said...

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