Monday, April 14, 2008


Candice and I went to Utah over the weekend to visit Kelli, Mason, Amanda, and their cutest week old baby Jonah. We packed a lot into 3 days! Highlights included shopping, shopping, and more shopping (we WERE without kids so what else were we gonna do?), eating out at Kneaders, J-dawgs, Ruth's Diner with the mile high biscuits, Costa Vida, Pizza Factory, my mom flying up and surprising us at Gateway Mall, taking lots of pictures of our new nephew, and going to church with Kelli so she could point out all the weirdies in her ward.

Baby Jonah- he's the sweetest! I think I only heard him cry once while we were there.

Looking at Mason's baby pictures to see similarities between he and Jonah.

How cute is that?

The mishap of the trip

Pizza Factory with Kelli's friends

Jonah loves his favorite Auntie Maren! Mason, Amanda, Jonah, and Kelli- move home now!


Emma said...

SO CUTE!! Looks like fun!!

Candice said...

Yeah right, favorite aunt. We will just see about that, won't we. IT IS ON!

OH the joy of sisters trips. Next stop, New York!!

Lacey said...

Looks like a fun time, it's always great to be with sisters and NO kids. LOL! Beautiful baby and congrats to Carter!

Maury Harris and Co. said...

Pizza Factory?!? So jealous! I hope you enjoyed a breadstick or two.

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

How cute! You actually got the GOOD weather while you were here!