Monday, April 21, 2008

Clara's Dance

My videoing skills are not good, so I apologize if it's hard to watch. In my defense, Janie was climbing all over me and I didn't want to lift the camera too high to obstruct others views. Clara is second from the right. Enjoy!


Candice said...

Even still, your videoing skills are better than Derek's. That was too cute. I am happy Clara and Maya will dance together next year. Maybe they will do "Tea for Two".

amanda p. said...

so adorable! :) although... I don't think I've been flashed by so many 4 year olds before ;)

Heather said...

Too fun. I'm glad I got a chance to see one dance since I wasn't able to go & support Britt & Stacy that night. I'm fully awake after that performance. And BTW, your video skills ARE horrible. :) Join the club. Great job Clara girl!