Thursday, February 07, 2008


These children may look sweet and innocent, but yesterday, they (along with a few other incidents) brought me to tears. By the end of the day I had HAD it!

I first took Janie to the doctor to check on her pneumonia and make sure she's getting better. Well, not only did her lungs still sound bad, but she had a double ear infection! And she's been on antibiotics for 4 days! So, she got a booster shot to take care of it but for the rest of the day she was NOT HAPPY. So I either had to hold her or listen to her cry all day.

Then it was time to feed the dogs. And by feed, I mean hand feed them with a bottle. (sidenote: we only have 2 puppies left because Shadow sat on one and killed him. I'm not a huge dog fan, but it was my favorite puppy and so I cried.) And then I thought I killed one of the dogs because when I was feeding him the milk wasn't coming out fast enough so I cut the nipple to make it come out faster and then it was too fast so he started choking and I made Derek come home from work because I thought the dog was dying. He's okay now, but that was traumatic! (And also, taking care of newborn puppies- NEVER AGAIN. It's like a newborn baby because they seriously cry when they're hungry and pee and poop all over and you have to get up in the middle of the night to feed them, but worse because they smell and shed all over the place. At least there are only 2 and not 10.)

While I was feeding the dogs, the kids were doing this (those are goldfish and cheerios- and they had FUN sweepin' it up too). I started to clean the rest of the house and noticed it was kinda quiet so I found them in the back bedroom jumping on the bed with licorice in hand, but it had also been smeared all over the T.V. (That's a joy to clean off.)

After dinner, Heather and Jonah came by for a visit which was a nice surprise. That is until Jonah decided he wanted some m&m's from my candy jar that looked similar to the one pictured above (the shortest one).

Here's what's left of it. RIP beautiful glass jar. And Jonah, I forgive you. Well, I will once I have a new glass jar to replace this one. :)


Kelli said...

Awwww, that sounds like a really rough day...definitely not skookum. I'm sorry bout your rambunctious kids and your poor puppy and your beautiful glass jar. My deepest and sincerest condolences to you.

Lindsee said...

So sad. You have my sympathy. I hope you find a jar evne better than your previous one. Call my mom, maybe she could help:)

Heather said...

I'm sooooo sorry we had to add to your "delightful" day. Sometimes motherhood tries our patience more than we'd like. I was so embarassed that Jonah was being such a candy bandit. Seriously, that child is a ball of energy & being the single mother I am, I have little miracles all the time. (Like how the jar didn't fall on his foot, or worse head.) But... then I could have sued you & made lots of moola. Hardee-har-har.

I AM buying you a new jar filled to the brim with your favorite Valentine's candy. NOT those gross strawberry malt balls. YUCK!

Candice said...

Hellians. All of em. At least you are smarter than Shadow and know enough not to sit on your kids and smother them if they are trying your patience.

This week can only get better!

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

Wow what a crazy day!

{alisse t} said...

Seriously, Shadow sat on one of the babies? That's so sad! And if one of my apothecary jars broke too, I would've cried. I know She's Got it All has some if you need a new one. (I just bought one for Melissa.) Go ahead and cry it out girl, we all need a good cry once in awhile!

Amanda Crookston said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one that has those days! Good to happen upon your blog!

Kelli said...

I think you should still post pictures of your Valentine's Day breakfast, and you never did blog about your gold star and cookie :)

Maury Harris and Co. said...

Actually it is pretty comforting to know that you can lose your patience... so maybe I'm not as far behind as I thought I was.

You are Wonder Woman as far as I am concerned. Three small kids, new puppies, singing group, your house probably always looks cute, you wake up and feed your kids a fun Valentine's Day breakfast. I have a lot to learn!