Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!


Candice and I had a Valentine's concert with our singing group and they were so cute! Here are "Heart and Soul"and "Babyface" for your listening pleasure.



The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Geez...Sorry about my BiG head in the way. Did those coupons com through okay. My sister said they didn't for her. I went to the sale and it wasn't great. I will let you know next time. thanks

Emma said...

It was so fun to watch all the girls, but especially Clara in the 1st song, only saying certain words that she knew. SO CUTE!!! I miss the days that i was in chorus! =) GREAT JOB!!

Lacey said...

THey are all so cute! Hey I have looked at your blog before but never posted anything. I am a quiet stalker, LOL! Anyways, glad you posted something on my blog. We are liking it here but miss being by family and friends. Your kids are soooo cute. Even when they are being stinkers. LOL! I have sooo had those days, sorry!

cammac said...

I'm sorry- that was the cutest thing I've ever seen! Cute cute cute songs. Also, those were such cute puppies. I hope Janie is feeling better. My email is
if you would like an invite. Cammy

Kelli said...

So dang cute. I'm glad you got video!