Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Perfect Bag

I have been looking for SOOOO LONG to find myself the perfect purse. And when I say long I mean for the last year at least! I even went so far as to have Derek shop every day for 4 days in New York last week(he was already going with a friend for fun, not just to find me a bag) and I gave him strict instruction as to what I wanted. This was the criteria:
- White in color (surprised?)
- at least one outside pocket for keys and cell phone
- at least 2 inside pockets for little stuff
- zips at the top
- 2 straps
While Derek was still searching, I happened across this one on ebay- my favorite! It had everything I wanted and it was a steal- $22! It just came in the mail and it was better than I imagined. It's perfect.


The Wilkins' said...

SO cute! I have been looking for the perfect purse too! I still haven't found one... I'll have to check ebay!

Kylie said...

so cute! You always find/have the cutest stuff!!

Alisse T said...

Love it! It will go with so many things. And the criterioa is pretty much mine exactly- especially about the outside and inside pockets.

Oh, and now I feel extra silly because the Cosby thing- I thought about that, but thought there was a deeper "get it?" inside somewhere. :>

Kelli said...


Heather said...

Blessed day! The stars are all in alignment. Thank heavens for e-bay. You are my virtual heroine. (As in female version of hero, not the drug.)

The Bradshaws said...

A-dorable! Good choice!

O'Loughlin Family said...

Finding the perfect bag is so rewarding. I completely understand your excitement!