Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back to Cali

Derek had a convention in Carlsbad a few weeks ago, so I sweet talked Kelli into driving with me and the kids to meet him there the last couple of days.
It was pretty windy and cold when we arrived, but the kids wanted to play at the little water park at the hotel so badly! They quickly changed their minds once they felt the water.

They decided the jacuzzi was the place for them.

After warming up, they decided to give it another try and loved it!

Shopping at Carlsbad Premium outlets was NOT for Janie, I guess.

Clara and Clay pretending to ride the little cars they had outside.

There was a festival going on and they had some cool sand sculptures, good food, music, and lots of booths.

Hopefully our next trip to Cali will be longer!


The Bradshaws said...

So fun! I have to say, I've never seen Clay smile as big in pictures as he did when you took him shopping. You've trained him well. :o) I'm glad you had a fun trip.

The Wilkins' said...

Oh man am I jealous of you! I would LOVE a trip to Cali right now!

Candice said...

Very fun pics! Be sure to look at them often to remind you of happier times during all the puking. Sorry.

Kelli looks like someone was holding a knife to her back telling her to smile, or else. :)

Kelli said...

I'm glad you finally posted these pictures. I want to see more of the sand castles though! I know I took a picture of all of them w/ Derek's get posting!

And, Candice - Be quiet.

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

That is TOO cute! Your little family is darling! I can't believe you have 3 kids! I better get a move on!