Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gunnell Family Reunion

My mom's side of the family had a reunion in Howell, Utah (north of Salt Lake) which is where my Grandpa grew up. It was fun to see everybody that we don't always get to see because we have such a big extended family. It also happened to be Candice's birthday that day so she got to wear that special crown.

It's rare to have everyone together since Kelli, Mason and Amanda live in Utah and J.D.'s in Indiana on his mission, but we almost had everybody! (with the exception of Derek, Chris, and kids- they were so nice to let Candice and I enjoy 3 days kidless!)

One of my fond memories as a kid was going to Grandpa's house and digging through a pile of sawdust for money and candy. We were ecstatic when they said the adults could participate this time! I came out with a quarter and some smarties, but it was still worth it!

This is the house that my Grandpa grew up in. It's seen better days, but I'm sure it was cute in the early 1900's!

After the reunion, we went to Mimi's Cafe to celebrate Candice's birthday- delicious!


Heather Hinze said...

I was wondering what the crap was on Candice's head, but then again it's Candice; she's always up to some shenanigans. :) Looks like you guys had a fun time. You & Can are always dandy & revert back to childhood when you are together, especially without children. It's so fun & entertaining to witness. (Recalling the tears of laughter the 3 of us recently shed at Derek's expense.) Glad you are back. Now we can go celebrate Candy's birthday AGAIN!

The Cooks said...

Oh my gosh! I love recalling memories we have together- I just laughed as much as I did that night reading your comment! I think some of the best laughs I've had have involved you, me and Candice!

Anonymous said...

What a fun family reunion. I wish I could have gone! Do realize that I have not seen my grandparents for 2 years? Were they there? What a cool little house to see where all the brothers and sisters grew up. Thanks for sharing.

Candice said...

Oh- the pure joy. I am going to enlarge that picture of Derek and hang it in my room so I can just skip the sit-ups every morning and have a ten-minute long belly-laugh instead. And Heather- let the celebrating begin... but for your b-day instead!

Kylie said...

How fun! Vacations minus kids are probably TRUE vacations (haven't had one of those yet)!! I'm glad you got to go and have some fun!

emily said...

My girls wear those clips everyday. You'll love them. Your house is amazing. Straight out of a magazine. We've been here for 4 years and I am ready to redo everything. Those pink chairs are to die for. Is Clara so excited for preschool?