Thursday, July 12, 2007

This one's for the girls! (well, Heather & Candice anyway)

I'm finally giving in to Heather's tag so I hope it's worth it!

4 Jobs I've held-
1. Sales associate at Famous Footwear
2. Teller at Wells Fargo Bank
3. Member Service Rep at Desert Schools Federal Credit Union
4. Receptionist for my dad's law office- I know he was sad to see me go, but it's okay now because he has Linda.

Places to go for a weekend getaway with my girlfriends-
1. Kierland Commons Resort and Spa
2. New York to be on the Martha show!
3. A beach house
4. The Rose Bowl Flea Market

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over-
1. Just Like Heaven
2. Elf (or pretty much any movie with Will Ferrell)
3. Hitch
4. The Wedding Planner

My Guilty Pleasures-
1. Arlecchino's gelato- I could eat it all day every day
2. Antique store shopping- the thrill of the hunt
3. Looking at decorating magazines
4. blogging

Places I Have Lived-
1. Mesa
2. Provo
3. Mesa
4. Mesa

Shows I Enjoy-
1. The Office
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Friends- I never get sick of all the re-runs
4. Almost anything on Bravo- Top Chef, Top Design, Project Runway- all good.

What were most likely the first things you thought of when you saw your significant other for the first time?
1. Hmmm- he's pretty cute.
2. I bet he works out.
3. He could use a haircut.
4. I wonder if he could be my first kiss? (And he was!)

Places I have Been on Vacation-
1. Paris
2. Mexico
3. Hawaii
4. New York

Favorite Foods-
1. Avocado pizza
2. Sweetcake's turkey delight
3. Chicken spaghetti
4. Macaroni Grill's chocolate cake(but pretty much any form of chocolate will do)

If in a "jam" with your spouse, what tactics do you use to get out of the doghouse?
1. What? Derek and I never fight. We always talk sweetly to each other.

Websites I visit
1. Chase bank
2. Gap
3. Forever 21
4. YOUR blog!

Best 1st kisses landmarks- (best or only?!)
1. In the parking lot at Applebee's
2. on the couch at my apartment in Provo
3. Sorry to dissapoint, but that's it! I was a very good girl:)

Places I'd Rather Be right now-
1. Scottsdale Fashion Square
2. Hawaii
3. California
4. In my bed


Kelli said...

Good job, Maren. Good job.

Heather Hinze said...

Hooray! OH boy, I've been waiting for this & you totally delivered the goods. :) I thorougly enjoyed reading this. Thanks for doing it. I know you a had a little bit of fun. I still can't believe you've been to Paris you brat.

Candice said...

The best was "Derek and I always talk sweetly to each other..."- Remember when you were first married and you would argue on the phone but you were in a strict habit of saying I love you at the end of every conversation so at the conclusion of the argument, in the MADDEST voice, you'd go, "BYE, LOVE YOU."

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

Hey Maren! I saw your blog on Heathers and thought I would drop in! Your family is gorgeous and so cute. Your house looks great too! Hope to keep in touch, Briann

The Bradshaws said...

Avacado pizza??? That sounds delicious! Where do you get that?