Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Finds

Lots of gold finds today (surprise, surprise). I think gold may be taking over this house! Of course I still love the whites mixed with the gold, but you probably already knew that; or if you didn't, you will when you see my living room! It might be a while though because the prison seems to be taking their sweet time on my chairs. I guess that's the price you pay to get a good deal.


jennielou said...

Maren I love your finds and i am so sad that i am going to miss the sale.

Sarah said...

I'm jealous. I want that gold frame with the picture in it. I already "shop" your Home Sweet Sale blog and am so glad I clicked over to this blog. I LOVE all of your finds. Please take me shopping with you!! I love old things but I honestly have no idea where to get them, except for antique stores for a really expensive price. I've never done an estate sale. I'd love to venture out and go to one someday.

admin said...

Wow, those are so great! Where did you find those?