Monday, May 04, 2009

Fathers and Sons

Last weekend was our ward Fathers and Sons. The boys had so much fun; maybe too much because all Derek's been talking about is all the camping stuff we should get so we can start camping as a family more often. ( I can't wait.)

Makin' himself at home

One of the many reasons I'm not a camper.

Pancakes, sausage, and potatoes for breakfast


Nelson6 said...

Maren- our Father and sons is next weekend and lucky for Nick it is in Forest Lakes.... I am so excited for weekends like this because Father and Sons means I get a couple days all BY MYSELF. I try to tell Nick it's his fault he has to take 4 boys with him!!! haha. Maybe I will go and hang out at the cabin while they go do boy stuff:::::

Anonymous said...

OH!! Mike can't wait to be able to take Jackson on father & sons trips like this:) Looks like they had a blast!

Kelli said...

I'm sure you're so excited to start camping more :). Looks like they had a good time. The boy in the first picture with Clay looks like Adam only a few years older.

Becky W. said...

Ted and Drake were sad that they couldn't go. But it looks like your boys had a good time.

Heather said...

Those sure are some cute boys! But I think our slumber party was even more fun. :)