Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday Boy

Clay turned 4 yesterday and he chose to celebrate with hot dogs, hamburgers, and chocolate cake (with Transformers on top). Some things about Clay:
- He has a major obsession with Transformers
- He has amazingly long eyelashes
- He loves to swim
- He loves anything chocolate (a man after my own heart)
- He is very tidy- he's great at cleaning his room and everything has to be in JUST the right spot; I can't imagine where he got that trait!
- He's one of the most mellow boys I know- A couple of weeks ago my mom said "it's so funny- you have Clara (dramatic), and you have Janie (super dramatic), and then there's Clay." And I knew just what she meant. He's such a sweet boy and I wouldn't trade him for anything. Happy Birthday Bud!


muth said...

I just love that Clay boy!! He is truly one of the sweetest children I know!!! I hope he never changes!!!

Becky W. said...

Clay is so sweet. Happy birthday to him!

jewly said...

Happy Birthday Clay. He looks just like your dad.

Amanda B. said...

Happy Birthday, Clay boy! We miss you...lots!