Monday, March 17, 2008

Yummy snacks

In my search for food that's somewhat healthy, but also tastes good, I came across these:

I couldn't find the right picture, but I like this cereal in the cranberry vanilla flavor. I think I had at least 3 bowls a day until the box was gone. It has the grape-nuts along with granola clusters, dried cranberries, almonds, and a hint of vanilla.

I don't know if this is new, but IT IS GOOD! I got it thinking it would be a healthy choice of a snack for my kids, but I polished it off about 5 minutes after I opened it. Granola clusters, almonds, cranberries, pecans, and dried apple pieces sprinkled with cinnamon. And I just found out you can buy it in a box with 30 individual bags-great on- the- go snack! I sound like a spokesperson, but try it-you'll like it!


The Cooks said...

And I just realized they both have granola, cranberries, and almonds. Weird.

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Poppy is for sure going to Brooke. I just need to talk to her about Avery and what she thinks. It would be so.. great to send both kids to one preschool.
Is Candace interested in putting Maya in as well?

Those snacks look yummy. Do you go to sprouts? If so, in the barrel's my fav. granola is the blueberry flax seed. I just eat it plain no milk. Then my VERY fav. is on a stand in a bag and it's the red rock chocolate chip granola. It's sweet..salty..and chewy. Yum!

Candice said...

How is it possible that I haven't seen the trail mix in your cupboards, considering I am in them every 30 minutes, every day of the week? I feel shocked and betrayed that I didn't know about your liking for this snack before the rest of the world.
But I'll still try it.

Who and where is Brooke?

Kelli said...

Delicious! That is a good combination of flavors. You need to try the recipe for those delicious cranberry, white chocoloate chip oatmeal cookies I told you about. SO good. And I like to pretend that they're healthy because they have cranberries and oatmeal in them.

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Thanks Maren..the shoes are from F21 and are actually quite comfy and the girls dresses are from crewcuts(jcrew kids). I have the info for Brooke and will bring it tomorrow to music. See you then!

shalae said...

Maren the birthday party for Clara looks like the cutest thing! I had to come to to your blog and tell you that a few weeks ago I looked up that post you did a really long time ago about the pizza place - and we went! The wait was so long but the pizza was good and so was the gelato! So thanks!!