Monday, March 10, 2008


Clara's 4 today!

Some things I love about Clara:

Her cute dimples

Her obsession with shoes- I'm pretty sure she has more pairs than I do!

She loves loves loves anything pink or princess!

Her hair has FINALLY filled in enough that I can straighten it and she LOVES when I do because then it's long like Maya's.

She's quite the little mother to Clay and Janie.

She was a very good baby and she's still happy most of the time.

She has alot of my similarities- blonde hair, tall and skinny, shyness, and an underbite (aka many years of dental work to come- sorry Dr. Drew)

We celebrated her birthday with a pinkalicious party!

The party favors- my favorite! I kinda wanted to keep one for myself. :)

The cupcake for 'pin the cherry on the cupcake' handcrafted by Candice (it looks just like the invitations we sent out)

The pinkalicious table!

The 'pretty in pink' girls playing Don't Eat Pink!
(Maya, Clara, Eden, Livvy, Hailey, and Kedzie)

The cutest part of the party was when Clara was opening her presents and the girls were saying things like "Clara, you're really gonna love me" and "Clara, isn't that just what you wanted?" It was a crack up.

Clara did pretty dang good putting the cherry on blindfolded. I thought they could see through, but I tried it on and couldn't see a thing!

The end result

The food- pink lemonade, crackers with turkey(not pink I know, but it's almost impossible to find anything halfway healthy that is), strawberries, strawberry yogurt, bagels with strawberry cream cheese, and of course pink cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Clara girl! We love you!


The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

What a fun pinkalicious party. Happy Birthday Clara!!

Lacey said...

Wow that looks like a any little girls dream come true. You are so good at details. The picture of the table looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Looks they had a really great time.

Lindsee said...

I want a pinkalicious party!

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

What are you doing with Clara next year for school?

Kelli said...

Holy smokes! You really were planning for months! :) It looks like it was delicious and very very fun. I need to call and wish Clary a happy belated, and talk to you, since it's been awhile.

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

I know of nothing. I don't want to put her in early learners because I don't want her gone every day of the week. All the teachers I would choose for her are full. Let me know what you decide. Thanks

Amanda Crookston said...

Cute b-day party. It reminds me of a b-day party I went to for Hillary Sherwood when I was little. So fun to be a girl. I can't help but look past all the party decor though. I noticed that you have the cutest window topper and curtains in your bay window behind your table. I have been racking my brain to do something with the bay window in my master bedroom and I love what you have done. If you don't mind and if I can talk my husband into a project I'd like to copy? I'd also like to come over for a full guided tour of your house... it looks so cute.

Heather said...

This is such a Clara party. Thank goodness no boys were around to destroy it all. :) I can't believe she's 4. Then again, I still can't believe you have 3 children. Happy Birthday Clara girl!

Briann and Shaun Neeley said...

You are SO amazing Maren! That is the cutest party I have ever seen!

Courtney said...

are you kidding me?? that is a very detailed party!! :) but then have an eye for stuff like that! i just throw out slip n slides and water balloons and call it good!! and i cant believe she is four...and to top it all off, she is your oldest! my youngest is four, and i pull my hair out with that! you need to call me so we can catch up, goof ball!!! courtney

amanda p. said...

seriously the cutest party of all time!! I kinda wanted to be 4 and invited too :) And can I get a pair of clara's shoes because they were the most amazing things ever :) Great job on making all things pinkalicious! i love it :)

The Wilkins' said...

To die for Maren! SOOO cute! Liberty loves the book Pinkalicious right now. What a fun age. The little girls look like they had a blast!

Emma said...

Happy Birthday Clarie! That was REALLY cute! I loved it and I am 14!! =)

The Harris Family Daily Chat said...

Sorry about Brooke's number. i was waiting to get the reg. info in the mail. I should have it by now. I tossed her num but I will call Poppy's teacher to get it again. Thanks I still can't decide what to do with Ave..what do you think? i guess I should find out how advanced brooke get's for pre K.
You need zero help. You always look fabulous. You have the perfect wave when you curl your hair.

Aut said...

HOLY COW!! DO NOT go look at Carsen's birthday party on my blog, you will feel sorry for him. Wow, you can sure put on a party! I totally admire you.