Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sale Preview

This is only a small portion of the goodies that will be at the sale!


Bev said...

You're getting rid of that couch? Don't forget, I need the covers and/or pillows off of it to match the one I alreay have.
Also, since I have to work Fri can I come for a sneak peek Thurs after RS Meeting? Marla too? Let me know. Can't wait!!

Kylie said... I was totally planning on coming back as soon as David got home, but instead right after David got home I ended up at Urgent Care with Powell (who broke his arm). Are you going to put the rest of the stuff on your blog sale?

Maren said...

what the heck? How did Powell break his arm? Yes, we'll put everything on the blog this week.

Betsy Tidwell said... you still have the gold hook thang in picture 1 and the white metsl 3 tier shelf in picture 8? If so, what are the dimensions and prices?
Thx, Betsy Tidwell