Monday, April 05, 2010

Furniture Finds

These are some of my most recent finds from garage sales and thrift stores. I think they might be some of my favorites ever. I feel like I've had to constantly be on the hunt, but so far it's been worth it. Here's the first of many make-overs to come!

Found this little ottoman at Goodwill for $6.99. The color? Not cute. But I knew it had potential. I had an ottoman slipcover that I got from Ballard Designs on clearance, so I had my friend and seamstress (you're official Melina!) cut it down to size.



It's the perfect little addition to our family room!


The Wilkins' said...

Awesome finds! I need to hire you to look for stuff for me!

xx said...

so are you going to sale that dresser:) This is tatum by the way. I cant figure out how to change my xx to my name. I am a dork!

Amanda B. said...

Did you sew that? Very cute! Love the finds!