Friday, February 19, 2010

Cleaning House

They say change is good, right? I hope so because I'm doing alot of it right now. I've been in a re-decorating mood so I'm changing things up. First up, my entertainment center. I love cream and gold these days, so I got rid of the pink and green.

Here's what I have so far; I need to collect a few more books to finish the other side.

Next up, Clay's room. Out with the red, and in with the neutral!

Here's my inspiration. I've collected a few items so far, but I've got alot of painting to do.

And finally, my bedroom. This was taken over 2 years ago- sheesh! Has it really taken this long?

I was finally able to get this bed and what a difference! I couldn't love it more. Just a few final touches and I'll post the finished room.

Now of course with all these changes I have a big pile of "stuff" in the guest bedroom just waiting for a sale! I'm planning the first weekend in March, so mark your calendars!

And I couldn't resist this picture of the kids playing "sale". It's their new activity of choice. It keeps them entertained for hours!


chris+amber said...

You have impeccable taste. I love your house. Everything looks perfect!

Kami Lunt said...

I want your BED???!!!! :) I love your style! You need to help me with my house.

Candice said...

I might want to move in with Clay when his room is done. Soooo beautiful.

Bev said...

Love your new look!! Can't wait for your sale and I think your a great example to your kids.....they want to play sale just like you do!! Love it!

cammac said...

I love your bed too!!! But those brass ones are also beautiful. Good luck with all your projects! I love change and you have gorgeous taste!

The Barr Family said...
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The Barr Family said...

You found the mirror!
I'm so happy for you!!!!

Lizzy and Porter said...

Maren, your decorating is inspiring! I love it!!