Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Janie's Birthday Fun

For Janie's birthday Candice and I took the kids to a gymnastics place that has open gym every Friday and the kids absolutely love it!

I am definitely investing in one of these roller coasters- it was by far the kids favorite!

Candice made this little book for Janie with pictures of our family- could she be any more creative?

Every Sunday we go to my parents house for dinner so we had another little party over there. She made out like a bandit!


chris+amber said...

Janie is such a cutie! I especially love Candice's gift to her. So simple, yet cute! Kids love those kinda things. I've been spying on your family's food blog and I'm in love! Thanks for sharing!

O'Loughlin Family said...

That is so funny... that is the same gym that I take Caitlyn to. The classes are really inexpensive - if you are interested in putting Clara in a class. Anyway, Nathan throws a fit everytime we go to pick up Caitlyn because he wants to ride that rollercoaster so I checked out the price. They run about $80-$100. A good Christmas gift.... we'll see!

Aut said...

What a fun birthday!! So what gym is that? My kids would LOVE that!

Leah Martineau said...

That last picture is so cute!! She really liked that gift. Also good job on the garden. that is awesome!!!