Thursday, July 31, 2008


We've had a fun couple of weeks! Kelli came down for the weekend and we celebrated Candice's 30th birthday with some good food, shopping, and lounging. Mason and Amanda also flew in from Florida (their new home for the next year at least- Mason is going to law school in Jacksonville) so it's been fun having them here and getting to spend time with them. Yesterday Candice, Amanda, and I took Clara and Maya for their first pedicures and we probably should have waited a little while longer because they loved it a little too much I think! Clara's already saying "it's okay if my nail polish scratches off because we can just go back to the store and get more put on!"


Kelli said...

Haha, I love that your girls got pedicures! That is too funny. I can imagine them absolutely loving it.

Josie said...

K your family is the cutest family in the world, and that post certainly sealed the deal! Had that yard sale yet ?? :)

Becky Wagner said...

In one word...Adorable! Its amazing how fast these kids are growing up. Soon Clara will be driving herself to get a pedicure. :( Just try not to think about it!