Sunday, March 25, 2007

San Francisco with the Drews!

Clara's first plane ride that she can remember-
she thought she was an old pro; rolling back pack and all!

On the merry-go -round at Pier 39. Thanks Derek. We celebrated Clara's 3rd birthday with an earthquake from Ghiradelli- delicious!
Even though it was a bit chilly, the girls had so much fun at the beach.
Candice was so nice to make ice cream cone cupcakes- It was all Clara could do to contain herself while we sang Happy Birthday and she got to blow out the candles.


Michelle said...

Good for you traveling on an airplane with all 3 kids. It looks like you had a fabulous time!!

Candice said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun in San Fran. Wish we could have been there with you! Why aren't there any pics of Clay and Janie?

The Wilkins' said...

Hey Maren - it's so easy to see what everyone is up to with blogs! I'm glad you in on it! It was so fun to see you and Clara (aka Maren Jr.) at Old Navy. I'll be checkin' up on you guys on your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maren! How it's goin' mother of three? Geez! jk. Love the blog!